Thornaes FMC

Suite 45
378 Lillie Road
London SW6 7PH
United Kingdom



Phone: +44 (0) 20 7386 5424



The company
Thornæs-FMC is the UK’s leading Fashion Marketing Consultancy company that works internationally. We go much further than simply finding you the right agent/distributor for your brand. Whether you are looking to make an impact worldwide or just in a specific region, we can help your brand to open the market in that territory.
The fashion marketing and fashion consultancy arms of Thornaes FMC work to a carefully created code of business conduct: a charter that contains the code to the company’s repeated success in creating, maintaining and placing client brands in the worlds of fashion, apparel ad luxury goods.

The CRM System
SugarCRM is the world’s largest open source CRM (Customer - or Client - Relationship Management) software.
It is a set of processes which serve to increase your sales and marketing results by intelligently linking information you already have in a central database. You can then manipulate this data in a variety of ways and get a superior view of your sales and marketing activities.
« A CRM system is often referred to as an address book on steroids »
We use our CRM system on our everyday tasks, whether it is to:
• create press releases,
• send marketing campaigns towards our buyers.